SHATTER MESSIAH Completes Work On Second Album

September 1, 2007

Former NEVERMORE/ANNIHILATOR guitarist Curran Murphy has issued the following update on his current project SHATTER MESSIAH (also featuring ex-ANNIHILATOR drummer Robert Falzano):

"I spent the last three weeks frantically tracking, re-writing and re-recording the [second] SHATTER MESSIAH album 'God Burns Like Flesh'. All of the guys threw down with the most amazing effort I have seen from any band I have ever played in, it was awesome!

"I spent the last two days (about 32 hours straight with no breaks) on mixing and sending the files to Germany for master and artwork details as well. Talk about down to the fucking wire! Had to meet that label deadline, baby, to make for a good release time for this new record!!! Now it is all up to the fine people at Dockyard 1 to put this monster out and move some units, baby! I literally was recording guitar solos at 7 a.m. the day of delivery, back against the wall, and having Wags [vocalist Greg Wagner] throw down vocals while I am doing emails with our manager and my artwork guy AND the record label WOO HOO! Damn damn damn, I look back on it and just laugh at how I get myself into these adventures and then also remind myself I wouldn't change a fucking thing about it!

"Love this job and I love this game!"


Greg Wagner – Vocals
Curran Murphy - Lead Guitar
Dusty Holt - Rhythm Guitar
Robert Falzano – Drums
Jason Chamberlain – Bass

DCA Recordings in April released the critically acclaimed debut album by SHATTER MESSIAH, "Never to Play the Servant". The CD was released last year in Europe, and had only been available as an import outside the continent.

Watch SHATTER MESSIAH's promotional video for the song "Never to Play the Servant":

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