SIRENIA To Release Next Album In October

April 30, 2018

Norwegian/French symphonic metallers SIRENIA will release their as-yet-untitled ninth full-length album this fall via Napalm Records. The follow-up to 2016's "Dim Days Of Dolor" will mark the band's second LP to feature French vocalist Emmanuelle Zoldan, who replaced Spanish singer Ailyn Giménez García two years ago.

SIRENIA guitarist Morten Veland spoke about the band's upcoming disc in a brand new interview with Heavy New York. He said (see video below): "As soon as we get back home from this [North American] tour" — which ends on April 29 in Brooklyn, New York — "we'll get into the studio and start recording. And the date is set for 26th of October. That's when we aim to release the next album."

Prior to the recording of "Dim Days Of Dolor", SIRENIA collaborated with Zoldan on choir vocals on all its albums except its 2002 debut, "At Sixes And Sevens". She also did some lead vocals on SIRENIA's cover version of Leonard Cohen's "First We Take Manhattan" on the 2004 EP "Sirenian Shores".

Emmanuelle told Femme Metal Webzine about her musical background: "I learned the piano when I was child, and I tried drums later, but I had to admit very fast that I was better in singing. So I began to sing in a pop/rock band as the lead singer. We made some really nice shows, and won some competitions. It was a really nice period of creativity and concerts we did in the same time we did our studies at the university. Then I decided to go the conservatory to learn a good vocal technique, and after some years of work and two years of specialization, I began a career… in opera. It was a bit unexpected, but life can be really strange sometimes. But during my operatic career, I never stopped doing a lot of other music projects, in different styles (rock, jazz, R&B),creating music, making concerts and recording metal albums for many bands, choirs parts and also lead vocals."

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