SISTERS OF SUFFOCATION: 'Humans Are Broken' Video

December 7, 2018

Dutch death metallers SISTERS OF SUFFOCATION will release their second studio album, "Humans Are Broken", on March 1, 2019 via Napalm Records. The official music video for the disc's title track can be seen below.

Says the band: "We are very excited to present to you all: The official video for our new single, 'Humans Are Broken'! This song is representative of our new album (also entitled 'Humans Are Broken') in many ways: The mix of brutality, melody and different genres music-wise, and the engagement with issues in contemporary society lyric-wise. The video functions as a visual counterpart to our reflection on who we are as humans, how we interact with each other and our place in this world.

"We are very happy with how this video turned out and hope you guys enjoy watching it as much as we did making it. Special thanks for recording and producing this track goes out to our friend Martin Furia (check out his solo in our vid!),to V.O. Pulver for mixing and mastering, to Gideon Kessler (Kesslr Motion) for again making an awesome music video, Kelly Thans for being a dystopian survivor for a day, and the people at metal business G.v.Gool who indulged all our fancies for recording. And let's not forget a cuddle for our canine buddies in the vid. And thanks to everyone else who helped us out in any way to make this possible."

"Humans Are Broken" track listing:

01. Humans Are Broken
02. Wolves
03. War In My Head
04. The Machine
05. What We Create
06. Liar
07. Little Shits
08. The Next Big Thing
09. Blood On Blood
10. The Objective
11. Burn
12. Every Little Fibre (bonus track)
13. For I Have Sinned (bonus track)

Founded in 2014 in Eidhoven, SISTERS OF SUFFOCATION managed very quickly to establish an amazing live reputation and got lots of invitations from venues and smaller festivals. This was noticed by Eindhoven Metal Meeting, who gave them a chance to present themselves for a bigger audience.

It has always been a dream of vocalist Els Prins to start an all-female death metal band, but she didn't seem to be able find the right group of girls to make this dream reality — that is, until she met guitarist Simone van Straten. They released their first single, "Boundaries", in July 2014 and played their first show one month later.

Regarding what inspires her to write music, Els told Robex Lundgren: "Seeing other bands live and all of my favorite bands, of course. I get inspiration from almost everything in my daily life."

Asked for her opinion on illegal music downloading, Els said: "We will just have to get over that. We can't fight it. Of course, I don't support it, because, in my opinion, it is stealing. But I have done it as well. It has become a part of the modern world. I just hope that true supporters will still buy records from the bands they adore."

SISTERS OF SUFFOCATION remained an all-female band until earlier this year when Amber de Buijzer exited the group and was replaced by Kevin van den Heiligenberg.


Els Prins - Vocals
Simone van Straten - Guitars
Emmelie Herwegh - Guitars
Puck Wildschut - Bass
Kevin van den Heiligenberg - Drums

Photo credit: Emmelie Herwegh