SKID ROW Partners With DEAD SLED COFFEE For 'Slave To The Grind' Blend

November 17, 2021

SKID ROW has partnered with the team at Dead Sled Coffee to bring their fans the officially licensed "Slave To The Grind". The coffee is a perfect blend of beans from both Costa Rica and Brazil. The blend of high-quality coffee is a rich and bold French roast that creates a smooth sipping coffee without the bitter aftertaste.

The pre-orders include a 12 oz. bag of "Slave To The Grind" coffee and a guitar pick featuring the SKID ROW logo.

Diana Whittles, founder, co-owner and CEO at Dead Sled Coffee, said: "Here at Dead Sled Coffee, we're known for creating distinguished coffee for the exceptional and unconventional. This time around we are blending our passion for music into our new coffee line, 'Slave To The Grind', a partnership with rock legends SKID ROW.

"The first time I heard SKID ROW, I thought, 'These guys are amazing.' Each song felt like a fist-in-the-air rock and roll battle cry. They quickly became part of my heavy rotation, and with every mixtape, I made there were at least two or three of their songs that got rewound and listened to multiple times in a row.

"It is my honor and pleasure to welcome the powerhouse that is SKID ROW to the Dead Sled Coffee family. I am excited to be working with a band that I have so much love and respect for, and who set the soundtrack to a huge portion of my teen years. My inner 15-year-old is completely freaking out."

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