April 4, 2002

SKINLAB frontman Steev Esquivel recently commented on the shenanigans that took place on the final night of the group's US tour with SOIL and HEADSTRONG, which took place on Monday, April 1st in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Stated Esquivel, “it was April Fools day, so we had to start early with our fun stuff. First off, our driver Techx decided he was gonna stay behind with SOIL for a day or two, so we thought we would @#%$ with him by telling Roger (SOIL's tour manager) that we we couldn't make the gig and that Techx would have to find his was to the airport in New York City (seven hours away). heheheh... [Techx] was trippin', until we walked in the door one hour before [we were due] to hit the stage. (last time he'll do that, ma f.cker),

“Secondly, 7:00 PM comes around and it's time to hit the stage. We knew something was up, but didn't know what. Five songs go by and we thought we were in the clear, until I see Ryan (SOIL singer) on side of the stage with his video camera, 'Ohhhh, @#%$, something's about to go down,' I thought. And I was right. The SOIL boys came up and threw Cheerios and cereals all over us, then topped it off with cups of water, leaving me drenched with @#%$ all over me and the rest of SKINLAB. All I could do is look at 'em at the end of the set and tell 'em .......IT'S ON ma f.ckerz!!!

“3) HEADSTRONG thought they were in the clear, too, but that wasn't the case. SOIL and us threw everything but the RV kitchen sink at 'em (bologna, cheese, cereal ,oil, ketchup, Nestle strawberry syrup, and milk. HEADSTRONG f.ckin' rule and are some of the coolest guys we have ever met!! See ya next time, brothas.

“4) OK. Time for the big headliners' turn. We knew that they've been out for eight months and have probably been pranked lots before this. We knew had to do something good, so...

“Round 1. During 'My own', [SKINLAB guitarist] Glenny decided he was gonna hook up his smoke machine, since it was [SOIL drummer] Tom's birthday. He was the first to be engulfed in smoke—so bad that I had no idea what Glenny was doing at first, Then he moved it around front stage to get the rest of the band and front row, which quickly smoked out the whole club (f.ckin brilliant!!). But that's not it…

“Round 2. After the smoke cleared and Ryan resumed the use of his lungs, it was my turn. All of SKINLAB and HEADSTRONG went on stage to thank 'em for a killer tour. Little did they know we had all globbed hair glue on our hands and that the jokes were far from over. It took a few seconds, but they soon realized that they were @#%$ with all kinds of messy @#%$ all over their hands, that took a good 5-10 minutes to get off. Told you it was ON!! But far from over.

“Round 3. During 'Halo', we sent our guitar tech Trey up dressed to kill with his tank top folded like a top-notch trailer park hooker with ass-cheeks hangin' out. He had a bondage collar with a halo made by [SKINLAB guitarist] Snake out of a hanger and tin foil. That turned be the best, because the SOIL boys thought it was over, and when they seen him come running out, they all just about dropped from laughter. Ryan called out all the bands to help sing the rest of the song with 'em, which was killer and a great way to end the tour. No hard feeling guys, but we gotcha!!! GOOD!

“Aahh but it ain't over. So we're saying our goodbyes, holding in all emotions, when Snake and I thought, 'What the hell?! Let's get 'em one more time. Since Roger was an old friend of Snake's,we thought it would be best if he got him for ol' times' sake, but who would come walking up first? None other than Lil' Tim (SOIL bassist),who made the mistake of shaking Snake's hand... Gotcha, fool. Then it was Roger's turn, and boy, was he surprised!!!”

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