SLASH: I Feel Bad About The People Who Got Ripped Off By GUNS N' ROSES

June 13, 2004

VELVET REVOLVER guitarist Slash has spoken to the New York Post about his new band and the breakup of the original lineup of GUNS N' ROSES, his hugely influential previous outfit. What follows are several excerpts from that interview:

New York Post: During our conversation, you've been reluctant to even say the words GUNS N' ROSES. Do you have any regrets?

Slash: "I feel bad about all the people who got ripped off by GUNS N' ROSES."

New York Post: You mean the no-shows, late performances and bad shows?

Slash: "You know what I mean by that. The fans were so f---ing great. They embraced us, and a band couldn't have asked for more, and we let them down."

New York Post: Do you blame [lead singer] Axl Rose, or do you take some of the blame yourself?

Slash: "I would be a total assh--e if I didn't put some of the blame on me. But I'm not responsible for the band breaking up. I worked too hard, for too long, trying to keep things together. I don't like to blame Axl either. He seems to be the scapegoat for everything."

New York Post: So Axl isn't to blame?

Slash: "Nobody involved with GUNS wants to blame Axl, but there's no one else to blame. That's a tough one."

New York Post: Do you think VELVET REVOLVER will last a year?

Slash: "We wanted to do what we've been doing since we were kids, and we have a collective unit to do it with. After all the s--t we've been through, we made a band. We have been given a second chance and we're not going to f---k around with it. We're in it for the long haul."

Read the rest of the interview at this location.

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