June 30, 2004

SLIPKNOT have replaced DAVID BOWIE on the bill of this year's Roskilde Festival in Denmark. "With David Bowie no longer on the programme, we had to think fast," the festival organizers write on their web site. "After hours of hard work, we are finally able to announce a new act for the programme: SLIPKNOT will play Roskilde '04.

"SLIPKNOT have just been on a very successful tour, including a super gig with METALLICA in Copenhagen, and they accepted the job on the spot when we contacted them in the times of trouble.

"SLIPKNOT's desire to play Roskilde '04 was so strong that they agreed to make last-minute changes to their already tight schedule: SLIPKNOT will be playing the T-Mobile Park in Prague Thursday night, 1 July. Immediately after the concert they will pack up their gear and jump on the bus to travel the 1,600 kilometres to Roskilde. And as if that wasn’t enough, Friday night, immediately after their Roskilde gig, the band will jump on a plane to go to the With Full Force Festival in Leipzig where they will be playing the same night at 1:00."

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