SNAKE RIVER CONSPIRACY Mainman SLATER, Ex-Singer AXEN Trade Barbs Over Reasons For Split

May 11, 2006

Former SNAKE RIVER CONSPIRACY singer Martina Axen (ex-DRAIN STH, SUPERFIX) and SNAKE RIVER CONSPIRACY mainman Jason Slater and have sent separate statements to BLABBERMOUTH.NET in an ongoing war of words over the reasons for Martina's departure from the group.

In a previous posting on SNAKE RIVER CONSPIRACY's web site announcing Axen's exit from the group and the return of singer Tobey Torres, Slater made several assertions regarding Martina's involvement — or alleged lack thereof — in the songwriting process for SUPERFIX prior to her joining SNAKE RIVER CONSPIRACY.

Responding to Slater's comments, Timothy Dralle of WorldWide Noize Management — the former manager of the now-defunct Los Angeles-based act SUPERFIX (which featured in its ranks former DRAIN STH members Axen [vocals] and Anna Kjellberg [bass]) — said, "While I am not here to fight Martina Axen's battles, as she is more than capable of that herself, I would like to clear up one thing that Jason from SRC said in his ridiculous statement concerning her departure from his band. While Snake Sabo is a close friend and produced the majority of material recorded by SUPERFIX, those songs were written by Martina Axen and Anna K. Snake did add a few things here and there (as did China) but that does fall under the umbrella of 'producer.'

"I don't know Jason, nor have I ever met him so I will reserve any personal comment other than I found his statement and his approach to be absurd, unfounded, and as far as the part of the story that I am familiar with, not true."

After Dralle's comments were published on BLABBERMOUTH.NET, Slater sent in the following "press release," which he asked us to publish in its entirety:

"[With regards to] the comments SUPERFIX's manager — or whatever he is — wrote, I can only say that probably only Snake Sabo could answer the question [as to who wrote the SUPERFIX songs]. I made my statement based only on what China, Martina's boyfriend at the time and the guitar player in SNAKE RIVER CONSPIRACY for four shows, told me. Then again, this is the same guy that I lent gear to that ended up in a pawn shop and that stole money from me, so I guess I should have considered the source. Maybe Mr. Manager wants to get in touch with his former clients and get my money back. Haha... As well as the car I gave them so they could get to and from rehearsals/the studio so I wouldn't have to play taxi driver every day.

"I have no hard feelings about anything or anybody. Live and learn. I learned a lot with those two in my band.

"I'm not trying to get into a web war; I just get tired of speaking to fans of my music and replying to them and having it posted on a site that doesn't give a shit about my band's music. I pay the price for being honest with the people that support me and my music by having 'news' sites stir up shit.

"We haven't put out a record since 2000. Is this shit even relevant? An ex-manager of a band that made two songs and never released a record and a band that hasn't put a record out in six years? Who gives a fuck? I don't even care that much and it's my band!!!! It just turns into mud-slinging nonsense over nothing..."

Responding to Slater's initial comments — which were published on SNAKE RIVER CONSPIRACY's web site (and subsequently reproduced on BLABBERMOUTH.NET) — Axen said, "Shit-talking conspiracy! If Jason Slater would be as good a songwriter as he is a shit-talker, he would be a millionaire. Please send my check of 25% to the Rainbow bar since I apparently spend all my time there.

"In regards to the allegation that I was only in it for the money: That is correct... but after realizing that those horrible songs wouldn't make more than five bucks, I decided to pursue a more lucrative carrier... selling fruit!

"I quit that 'band' nine months ago, and if this was really important to me, I would have more to say about it. I guess it's not..."

SNAKE RIVER CONSPIRACY are currently working on the long-awaited follow-up to their 2000 debut album, "Sonic Jihad". A late 2006/early 2007 release is expected.

According to Dralle, Axen is currently working on a solo album which "sounds amazing." Early sound samples are available at More information will be made available soon.

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