SOCIETY 1: New Drummer Unveiled

January 13, 2005

SOCIETY 1 have chosen L.A. drummer Berzerk Kirk (ex-THE AMBULANCE) to take over the drum throne left vacant by Preston Nash, the ex-PRIMER 55/DOPE skinbasher who exited SOCIETY 1 after recording "The Sound That Ends Creation". Berzerk Kirk will make his live debut with SOCIETY 1 in February as SOCIETY 1 hits the road with BILE and PITBULL DAYCARE.

Kirk's own history is as extreme as that of his new band. A former medical student with a degree in biochemistry, Kirk has put the cadavers on hold and parlayed all his scientific ambition into his current occupation as rock drummer. He quips: "I am a closet sociopath with sporadic antisocial tendencies whose ambition to play drums has superceded any content within the, as of yet unspoken, Hippocratic Oath. If I need or want to do physical or psychological harm, I can and will, since I have not officially been proscribed from doing so."

In addition to harboring misanthropic surgical tendencies, Kirk has rock in his blood; his brother is none other than Tripp Eisen of STATIC-X.

Kirk explains his place in SOCIETY 1 thusly: "SOCIETY 1 feeds my own provocative philosophical musings. The gluttonous insatiabilities of the five human senses allow me to examine my own vile tendencies to seek out the true nature of what the world has deemed Evil. I contend that Evil and Freewill do not exist. They are mere descriptions of the flow of biology and physics of our universe. The music, diversity, and intensity of this foursome will enable the deeper probing of these concepts. SOCIETY 1 provides the baptism by fire — the worthless ideas will become ash and the true concepts will be strengthened. And the FANS of SOCIETY 1 — to have the opportunity to invasively examine the cerebral workings that are their thoughts and ideas will fortify my continuing research. I look forward to entering my laboratory."

SOCIETY 1's new album, "The Sound That Ends Creation", hits U.S. stores on February 22.

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