SOILENT GREEN: Recovering!

April 30, 2002

SOILENT GREEN vocalist Benjamin Falgoust has posted the following message via the group's official web site:

"It has been quite an interesting last 5 months. I am sure some of you know about the December 4th, 2001 accident in Washington State during the Extreme Music for Extreme People tour. When we rolled our van and trailer 4 times on a snow slicked stretch of I-90. The accident was quite a hit for us and left 2 of 5 people injured. Scott Williams sustained a fractured collar bone as well as a fractured scapula bone. Brian Patton also sustained a blow to the collar bone as well as a dislocated shoulder. Both Brian and Scott are doing well at this point. Tommy Buckley, Eddie Mapp (sound guy),and myself (Ben Falgoust) sustained little to no injuries. Just a few bruises. As time passed the wounds healed and SOILENT GREEN were offered the second leg of GWAR's Blood Drive 2002. We were very eager to get back out and let people know we were still full force. About a month before SOILENT GREEN returned to Japan (with hometown brothers EYEHATEGOD),Scott Williams sustained another injury to his shoulder and scapula bone, that was already in healing process. Another accident due to a car hitting him from the side. This was a hometown accident and not sustained on the road while touring. We then discussed as a full group to hire a fill-in bass player until Scott was totally healed. Referred to us by Dave Witte (BURNT BY THE SUN, HUMAN REMAINS, DISCORDANCE AXIS) we obtained the help from Jonny Modell to fill in on bass till everything was back in order for Scott. Jon Modell learned a few of the songs then came down to New Orleans a week before we went to Japan. We practiced everyday till we left to have a complete set of nine songs for the Japan tour. When we returned home from Japan we had a total of five days before leaving for the GWAR tour. Jon learned three more songs to make the total 12, so we would have enough material to play with GWAR and shows on our own. We head off for the Blood Drive 2002, 2nd Campaign tour then tragedy strikes again. On the morning of April 11th, 2002 around 3 AM SOILENT GREEN gets into another accident, this time running into the back of an 18 wheeler. Smashing the front end in and leaving 2 of 4 injured. The injuries sustained were a broken collar bone on Jonny Modell and two broken legs, one being a compound fracture, to myself (Ben Falgoust). All I can say is I don't remember much and details of the accident are almost void. I remember a little of the impact and other small things like trying to get out of the drivers seat but my legs being stuck. Then being freed and put in an ambulance. Brian Patton and Tommy Buckley sustained minor to no injuries. A few bruises per say. I was told a few stories but all the information is still not in order. I cannot explain the details at this time until I found them out from police reports and investigation. Just to set the story straight for all the people who like to say sh.t about drinking and driving. The first accident on December 4th was just that, an accident. Sound guy Eddie Mapp was behind the wheel when the van shifted on a stretch of highway covered in 'black ice'. The second accident is very much unexplained and I (Ben Falgoust) was behind the wheel. Don't remember much just a few pieces. I was told that I was avoiding a car spinning out of control and as I came back into the lane I ran in the back of an 18 wheeler. The story is still not in full. No drinking or driving or any drug use!! So, end that story now. I hope this helps out and covers all details.

“Now, on to other things. The split seven inch between EYEHATEGOD and SOILENT GREEN is still at press. We received the first test pressing about 3 weeks ago and it was very high ended and hissy sounding. So, at this time we are waiting for the second test pressing. As soon as we get a good sounding press it will be in full production. Sorry for any delays on this. Just a small update on the label putting out the split seven inch. Incision Records founded by Jay Branch and myself, has a new website up and running. You should be able to get any and all updates on the split as well as any other projects we may be doing. You can visit the site at ( SOILENT GREEN will be working on new material as I go through healing and physical therapy. Hopefully we will be back at it again by the end of this year."

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