SPINESHANK: New Album Coming Out 'Better Than Expected'

November 5, 2002

SPINESHANK drummer Tommy Decker recently posted the following update on the progress of the recording sessions for the band's forthcoming album, "Violent Mood Swings":

"I just wanted to let you know what the latest news on the recording is...We have laid down the drums to 15 tracks and I have 2 more to do today. I have been doing about 6 takes on each song, then we use the best one. We hope to have all the drums and bass done by Wednesday, November 6, so we can concentrate on everything else. We seem to be on schedule and hopefully we can get this record out A.S.A.P. - April/May 2003.

"The studio [Hollywood's Henson Studios, formerly A&M Studios] we are recording in is pretty cool. It's owned by Jim Henson productions, so there's all kinds of muppets and Kermit the frog stuff everywhere. Little Tommy is enjoying it, and the staff at the studio is really cool. We had a chance to meet George Lynch from DOKKEN, and saw David Lee Roth, who are also recording right now.

"That's pretty much it for now, the songs are coming out better than we had hoped and we are really excited about this record. We move to a different studio on Thursday, where we will finish the rest of the record. Like I said, I'll be done today, so I have nothing to do except sit in the control room like I own the place and talk shit to the rest of the guys (tell them how much they suck). I will keep you updated on the new developments."

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