SPV Entering New Dimensions With A New Team

November 11, 2009

Following its insolvency on May 27, 2009, SPV GmbH, Hannover, is realigning itself with a new repertoire strategy, building on the reputation which it has gained in over 25 years in the recorded music market with artists such as WHITESNAKE, MOTÖRHEAD, XAVIER NAIDOO, SIMPLY RED and ALICE COOPER.

"SPV is one of the most renowned addresses for rock and metal both nationally and internationally," says insolvency administrator and lawyer Manuel Sack. In the last few weeks following the signing of a partnership venture agreement with Sony Music Entertainment, under which Sony will be exploiting SPV rights initially for large acts and some selected parts of the catalog in the GSA territories, efforts have been focused on securing SPV's future with its remaining attractive assets. "SPV's reputation with record buyers has not suffered and the company will continue to play a significant role in the market as an independent."

With its own organizational structure, SPV GmbH will be actively engaging in the global exploitation of its existing catalog, which currently comprises more than 1,500 catalog-numbers. A team of experienced employees will be concentrating on the relevant core elements of the repertoire.

Under the aegis of the insolvency administrator Manuel Sack, Frank Uhle will be responsible for the operational management of SPV GmbH. He attaches particular importance to ensuring that export business, which has also been completely restructured, remains one of SPV's mainstays. Uhle is pinning great hopes to BVM, the company's new partner in Bremen, explaining that this will additionally enhance the quality of services and underpin the future service guarantee in the inventory and logistics segment. In this way, it will be possible to execute worldwide business professionally.

Explains Uhle: "We still have enough high-quality releases to remain at the top of the hotly contested market for independents. There have been no changes in the quality of our services for artists, management and labels. On the contrary, now that we have streamlined and restructured our operations, we can react even more swiftly and flexibly to the needs of the market and our artists as well as the individuality of each of our products. This can be clearly seen in the new talents which we have in the pipeline and will be releasing over the next few months. We have learned our lesson and are convinced that our team will soon have in SPV a force to be reckoned with which is capable of navigating the treacherous waters of our industry. At the same time, we will not be deterred by rough seas."

Frank Uhle began his career in the music business as a purchaser at FNAC in Berlin in the early Nineties, after which he joined Warner Music's sales and marketing department. In 1996, he moved on to Sony Music, where he was involved in repertoire management before transferring to the marketing department of the Epic label. There, he worked successfully as local repertoire marketing director with artists such as JOACHIM WITT, JASON NEVINS, RUN DMC, SUCH A SURGE, BAD RELIGION as well as labels like 3P and X-Cell Records. After a brief spell as head of sales and marketing at dialog marketing specialist mobile-ad-media, Frank Uhle came to SPV in summer 2005 and was most recently in charge of product management and exports.

With his team, Sven Gerke, who is responsible for sales and marketing in Germany and Austria, will ensure a broad-based market presence for both the remaining extensive back catalog and for small and mid-size front-line acts in the Germanspeaking region.

Says Gerke: "In the past we have pioneered the successful audiobook lounge in stationary recorded music retail outlets (John Sinclair, Harry Potter, Dan Brown, Ken Follett, Frank Schätzing, etc.) and were also materially involved in the placement of Anime DVDs. SPV is well positioned for the future to remain an important partner to retailers. In particular, SPV's proprietary and successfully established VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) system forms an important component in this respect."

After training as a wholesale and export merchant, Sven Gerke graduated from the business academy, joining JTV's external sales force in 1990 and taking charge of its purchasing department in 1992. In 2002, he moved to SPV, where he was initially responsible for sales marketing and then later sales. In 2009, Sven Gerk was appointed sales and marketing manager at SPV.

Over the past 25 years, SPV GmbH has established itself as a provider of music, entertainment and other services backed by a global network of outstanding contacts in all international markets as well as licensing and marketing partnerships with strong local and regional operators. Says Uhle: "This provides the best possible basis for the international exploitation of rights and products as well as the grant of licenses to and via international partners."

With the ties forged with the new inventory management and logistics partner Bremer Versandwer, SPV now has the necessary logistic infrastructure in place. "As a key fulfillment service provider, BVW specializes in logistic and related services," explains Uhle. The range of services encompasses sourcing and distribution, data deliveries and logistics. Its core business is B2C fulfillment and B2B deliveries to central warehouses both nationally and worldwide.

With its end-to-end service, BVW is able to handle CD, DVD, software and console game products as well as accessories, hardware and merchandise.

Sales and marketing manager Sven Gerke has announced the release of top premium products at SPV, namely the MAX RAABE & PALAST ORCHESTER 2DVD/CD box set "Heute Nacht Oder Nie - Live in Berlin" and the 2CD LOREENA MCKENNITT "A Mediterranean Odyssey", as well as the live DVD/CD ANNIHILATOR "Live At Masters Of Rock". Further top sellers are also planned for early 2010 release and include MOLLY HATCHET and AXEL RUDI PELL.

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