STITCHED UP HEART To Release 'Deluxe' Version Of 'Darkness' With Five Previously Unreleased Songs

January 20, 2021

STITCHED UP HEART frontwoman Alecia "Mixi" Demner has told Portugal's Underground's Voice that the band is planning to release an expanded edition of its latest album, "Darkness". The original LP, which came out in March 2020 via Another Century, was produced by FROM FIRST TO LAST singer/guitarist Matt Good (producer of ASKING ALEXANDRIA and HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD).

"We wrote 70 songs for that album, so we plan to release a deluxe version of it with, I think, five new tracks," Mixi said. "They're a lot heavier; there's a lot more energy. It's a little different.

"The reason that they didn't make the record is because they weren't in the lane that we wanted the record to sound like specifically," she explained. "But they're still great songs. So we decided that we're just gonna release some of the ones we didn't put on the album. It's a lot of fun."

"Darkness" includes the song "Lost", which features a guest appearance by Sully Erna of GODSMACK.

Last year, Mixi told Consequence Of Sound about the "Darkness" album title: "A lot of the lyrical content on this album ties into one of the songs on the album that's called 'Darkness', and it's about going through dark times over and over again and not being afraid anymore, because you know you've made it out before. Lyrically, it isn't a sad album, but it's not like everything is okay and there's sunshine and rainbows. There's stuff you have to go through to get to this place and be strong."

Asked how the initial vision for "Darkness" evolved throughout the recording process, Mixi said: "It completely changed. Originally, I wanted to go into this album with the strength that you can do anything and nothing can stop you, but the songs I was writing were not coming out authentic. I can be strong sometimes, but it takes a lot of dark stuff to get to that strength and know you can overcome it. So, the vision changed to pulling from those things that made us strong."

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