STONE SOUR Guitarist: 'We're Not A Politics Band'

October 9, 2017

STONE SOUR guitarist Josh Rand told Tulsa World in a new interview that fans who come to see the band perform on the "Hydrograd" world tour will be subjected to nothing except escapism.

"The message is the whole show is based on not having a message and getting back to having a great rock and roll show that doesn't have a front person or whoever giving a message, if that makes any sense," he said. "It's about having an evening where it's like it used to be, where you could leave all your problems at home and forget about them for an evening and come out and have a great time."

Later in the chat, Rand clarified: "I don't want to say we don't have a message. We do, on certain stuff. But with this record it was all about just making a great record that you could put on and just enjoy, especially coming off the last record, which was a double-concept record that was story-based. It was just like, this is a great collection of songs that everybody brought in, and why can't it just be fun?

"Going into this, we felt like everybody is so serious about everything, and rightfully so, I guess, with the state of the world that we live in," he continued. "But we wanted to make it fun. We're not a politics band and that has never been us. I'm sure all of us have our views on that situation, but we didn't want any of that stuff to bleed into the music."

Released at the end of June, STONE SOUR's latest album, "Hydrograd", features singer Corey Taylor's lyrics about reality-TV trash culture ("Fabuless"),modern love ("Song #3") and his own anxiety ("Taipei Person/Allah Tea").

Taylor told Rolling Stone that he doesn't find it difficult to open up in his lyrics. "I detest lying, and it doesn't help that I'm really bad at it," he said. "Ask my ex-wife; I'm horrible at lying. So I just stopped putting any power into being disingenuous. The truth is so much more fucking interesting anyway."

"Hydrograd" was recorded at Sphere Studios in North Hollywood, California with producer Jay Ruston, who has previously worked with ANTHRAX and STEEL PANTHER. STONE SOUR tracked the album live in the studio, cutting a total of eighteen songs from which fifteen made the CD.

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