STÖNER Feat. Former KYUSS Members BRANT BJORK And NICK OLIVERI: 'Totally...' Album Due In May

February 8, 2022

STÖNER, the supergroup formed by desert rock godfathers and long-time compadres Brant Bjork (founding member of KYUSS, also former member of FU MANCHU),Nick Oliveri (MONDO GENERATOR, former member of KYUSS, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE) and Ryan Güt, will release its sophomore album, "Totally...", on May 6 via Heavy Psych Sounds. The LP's first single, "A Million Beers", can be streamed below.

"Totally..." was once again recorded in Joshua Tree, California by Yosef Sanborn and features guest appearances by Greg Hetson (CIRCLE JERKS) and Mario Lalli (YAWNING MAN) on guitar.

Track listing:

01. Party March
02. A Million Beers
03. Strawberry Creek (Dirty Feet)
04. Spacedude & The Burn
05. Stöner Theme
06. Turn It Around Now
07. Driving Miss Lazy
08. Great American Sage

STÖNER's debut album, "Stoners Rule", came out in June 2021 via Heavy Psych Sounds.

Brant told Outlaws Of The Sun about how STÖNER came together: "Nick called me up and wanted to jam. So we got together and we were having a blast and this felt right. It was cool all of us playing together. It felt like we were kids starting out again just playing for the fun of it without any outside pressure.

"We all put our musical influences into this via original jam sessions," he added. "This feels like a mixture of punk rock, metal, blues rock and hard rock. Some stuff we're already known for and some stuff that will surprise and hopefully entertain people."

Brant went on to call STÖNER "a full-time thing. We've got long-term plans for STÖNER and the music that we create."

According to Bjork, "it's been nothing but fun playing with Nick and my drummer Ryan Güt. I wanted to do something different and STÖNER allowed me the opportunity to do this," he said. "This project feels right for me especially during the pandemic. It feels good vibing new ideas off Nick, who is one of my closest friends."

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