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Palm Reader

If first impressions were any guide, one could assume that HIGH DESERT QUEEN were a classic, straight-ahead stoner rock band. "Palm Reader" begins with an unapologetic blast of sun-scorched amplifier abuse. "Ancient Aliens" is a ferocious and authoritative way to say hello, and with all their requir...
May 22, 2024

MASTERS OF REALITY Release First New Music In 15 Years

MASTERS OF REALITY return with their first new music in 15 years. Today, they release their new single, "Sugar", on Mascot Records. They will also be playing shows across Europe in May — Eindhoven (The Netherlands),Utrecht (The Netherlands),Leuven (Belgium),Bielefeld (Germany),Rüsselsheim (Germa...
May 9, 2024

FU MANCHU Announces New Album 'The Return Of Tomorrow'

Groundbreaking pioneers of SoCal desert rock FU MANCHU have announced details of their 14th album, "The Return Of Tomorrow", which will be released on June 14 via the band's label At The Dojo Records. FU MANCHU's follow-up to the critically lauded "Clone Of The Universe" (2018) and the band's first-...
March 27, 2024

Ex-KYUSS Frontman JOHN GARCIA Announces May 2024 North American Tour

American desert rock pioneer and former KYUSS frontman John Garcia will embark on a North American East Coast tour this spring, during which he will perform classic songs from some of his iconic bands KYUSS, HERMANO and SLO BURN. Support on the trek will come from blues-rock guitarist Jared James Ni...
March 7, 2024

Sonic Moons

A lot of people have expended a lot of energy trying to conjure the ultimate blend of huge riffs and psychedelic adventure. From HAWKWIND to UFOMMAMUT, this noble endeavor has produced some extraordinary music, along with a lot of slightly mediocre stuff that we need not concern ourselves with here....
September 7, 2023

BARONESS Announces 'Stone' Album, Shares 'Last Word' Single

BARONESS will release its sixth album, "Stone", on September 15 via Abraxan Hymns. BARONESS frontman John Baizley comments: "An important through line in BARONESS is we don't like to repeat ourselves. It's all about the willingness to take risks. When I was younger, the whole point of music was to b...
June 20, 2023

Drifting In The Endless Void

They arrived slightly late to the stoner rock party, but DOZER were obviously the real deal from the start. Their debut album, 2000's "In The Tail Of A Comet" sounded like a perfect encapsulation of everything that made the genre great. Clearly the work of musicians who had spent a good deal of time...
April 21, 2023

Death Rattle

Ah, now this is the stuff. There is never a shortage of bands whipping up thunder in the reductive, inelegant name of stoner metal, but genuinely great albums are less common, even in these overpopulated times. The lysergic creams always rises to the top eventually, however. DESERT STORM have been b...
April 3, 2023

How ROB ZOMBIE 'Accidentally' Ripped Off THE SWORD's 'Freya' For 'Virgin Witch' Song

Guitarist/vocalist John D. Cronise of Austin, Texas metal luminaries THE SWORD says that he was "shocked" when he found out that ROB ZOMBIE "ripped off" his band's song more than a decade ago. Earlier today (Tuesday, March 28),Cronise tweeted out a link to Revolver's list of "20 Greatest Rob Zombie...
March 28, 2023

Tales Of Demonic Possession

For a brief moment back there, CLOUDS TASTE SATANIC were musically earthbound. The NYC quartet's last release, "Cloud Covered", was a collection of covers, including a particularly inspired reading of CHICAGO's "If You Leave Me Now". Lockdown fever will do that, even to such dedicated space cadets....
February 2, 2023

Ex-CRO-MAGS Frontman JOHN JOSEPH Announces New BLOODCLOT Album 'Souls'

BLOODCLOT (a.k.a. BLOODCLOT!),the American hardcore/punk/crossover band led by former CRO-MAGS frontman John "Bloodclot" Joseph, will release its new album, "Souls", on December 16 via Upstate Records. BLOODCLOT's origins date back to the early 1980s when its lineup doubled as roadies and provided...
October 5, 2022

NICK OLIVERI On Dispute Over KYUSS Name: 'Why Do You Wanna Own The Name If You Wanna Kill The Band?'

Ex-KYUSS bassist Nick Oliveri says that he wishes he and some of his former bandmates could go out and tour under the KYUSS moniker. Nick made the comment 10 years since a nasty legal dispute ensued when Oliveri, drummer Brant Bjork and singer John Garcia reunited in 2011 as KYUSS LIVES! While guita...
October 1, 2022


When reality is continually punching you in the face, music can sometimes be the only escape that really counts. And when it comes to weaving a magic carpet of sound that simply cannot fail to transport the listener somewhere brighter and better, KING BUFFALO are the absolute space-daddies. Guardian...
September 1, 2022

PHILIP ANSELMO On LEMMY: 'He's Forever, And I Love Him'

Banger TV has uploaded a new video of Philip Anselmo sharing his MOTÖRHEAD stories and love for the Lemmy-fronted band. The PANTERA singer said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): "The first thing that attracted me to MOTÖRHEAD was Lemmy Kilmister and the sound of his voice. And then it was solidi...
August 16, 2022

GARY HOLT: Why I'm Convinced There Were At Least Three Different LEMMYs

Banger TV has uploaded a video of Gary Holt (EXODUS, SLAYER),Nick Oliveri (STÖNER, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, KYUSS) and Kyle and Kelley Juett (MOTHERSHIP) sharing their MOTÖRHEAD stories and love for the Lemmy-fronted band. Holt said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): "I'm convinced, and have bee...
August 9, 2022