STRAPPING YOUNG LAD Drummer Checks In From Cleveland

November 5, 2005

STRAPPING YOUNG LAD drummer Gene Hoglan has posted the following message on the band's official web site:

"Yesterday, we spent a very uneventful day-off in Cleveland. Stayed at a Radisson right across the street from Jacob's Field, where the Indians play. Country artist Keith Urban was playing at whatever enormo-arena also across the street, so we watched 40-50 country fans conglomerating outside the FEAR FACTORY bus after his show, waiting for a glimpse of Keith. Dev and I told 'em, 'Hey, this isn't the bus you're looking for. This is FEAR FACTORY's bus. A metal band.' They looked at us like we were from Mars. Keith comes driving by on his bus, stops, waves, and then tools outta there, and they're still waiting in fronta the FEAR FACTORY bus for a glimpse of Keith. Ya just cain't teach a group o' hucklebucks nuthin', ah guess.

"Earlier in the day, we grabbed the DARKANE dudes and headed off to the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame. We've tried to get those guys out to do as many tourist-y things as they can, this being their first proper trip to the states. Hence, the trip to the Harley plant the other day, the midnight walking tour around Harpo's in Detroit we're gonna send them on, and yesterday's toodle around the Roll Hall of Fame. It was worth the trip, indeed. A real cool little soul/Motown section, I got to hear my favorite song from when I was 7, 'I'll Be Around', by THE SPINNERS. And, the way I figure it, I'll be eligible for inclusion in the Roll Hall of Fame in 6 years. Wild.

"I love rock 'n' roll, so I was in my glory yesterday. I love the '50s bands, all the doo-wop, all the great pop/rock of the '70s, and I am an absolute rock trivia MASTER. If I ever appear on 'Rock 'n' Roll Jeopardy', instead of scribbling my name on that blue screen, I would write, 'I WILL DESTROY YOU' instead. I've also been referred to as 'The Encyclopedia of Stupid and Useless Shit', 'cuz I like trivia in any form. You know what that tiny plastic tube on the end of your shoelace is? An 'aglet'. Jeez, I know alot aboot nothing.

"Our bro's in HATEBREED and FULL BLOWN CHAOS are also playin' Cleveland tonight as well, so we're gonna try to hook up with those dudes later and whoop it up! And, see our bro Jason Popson, too! Check oot 'Zodiac' by STRAPPING on his MELVINS tribute, from his Fractured Transmitter label.

"I think we're gonna mix up our set again tonight. Whip oot some good ol' chestnuts...

"Raymond [Herrera, FEAR FACTORY drummer] is trying to rope me into a cheesesteak eating contest in Philly. Lord! Now, I got no problem gettin' my grub on, but as a competitive sport? Raymond's a veritable Bottomless Pete, 'a remorseless eating machine,' but me, I gotta watch my girlish figure! 'Come for the freak, stay for the food,' indeed. Although, watching Raymond TYPE is a pretty amazing sight. One-finger blastbeats all over the keyboard. Awesome! His feet ANNIHILATE mine, too!

"Mmm...cheesesteaks...might have to say 'Yes' to that one..."

STRAPPING YOUNG LAD are continuing to tour in support of their genre-defying breakthrough album, "Alien", which was released earlier in the year via Century Media Records.

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