STRATOVARIUS' TIMO TOLKKI: We Will Spare No Expense On New Album

May 31, 2002

STRATOVARIUS guitarist Timo Tolkki has posted the following update on the progress of the recording of their forthcoming CD, entitled Elements Part I:

"After spending three weeks in preproduction recording demos and now two weeks at Finnvox [Studios], things are beginning to look a little bit more clear.

"We have all been working very hard with the new songs and tried to really make something special.

"Drum tracks are finished and Jörg [Michael] really shines on the new songs. Not only have we captured the best drum sound we ever had, I personally think Jörg has done something very special with these drum tracks.

"I am recording guitars at the moment and Jens [Johansson] is recording keyboards.

"It will take many long days until the record will be finished early September, but I promise you it will be something special and worth the wait.

"We made a decision not to spare any expense on this record and we have followed this rule. It will be horribly expensive record to make with a full symphony orchestra and a full choir. We are using the best possible equipment available to capture special and powerful sounds.

"We want to deliver the best possible STRATOVARIUS album to Stratofans and we really don't care what it will cost."

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