STRYPER Singer On Touring With BOSTON

July 31, 2008 recently conducted an interview with STRYPER singer Michael Sweet about his current stint as a member of BOSTON's touring band. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow. How did this tour come about?

Sweet: "The rehearsals and ensuing show last August came off so well, afterwards Tom [Scholz; guitar] asked me if I would consider singing with the band were they ever to tour again. But I was floored at how quickly it came together. BOSTON's known for long breaks between projects, so when I got the call six months later I couldn't believe it." Why the sudden change of heart?

Sweet: "All I can say is that a lot of healing took place at that tribute concert last year. Tom was deeply saddened by losing Brad [Delp], but you could tell he also experienced a great deal of joy getting together with other people and celebrating the music left behind." Does being part of BOSTON compromise your faith at all? Are you channeling your inner bad boy?

Sweet: "I haven't felt that yet, no. Believe it or not, BOSTON isn't your typical rock scene with groupies, girls and drugs backstage. We've got a vegetarian chef, and lifestyle-wise it's as normal and boring as it gets."

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Michael Sweet performing with BOSTON in Texas - June 24, 2008:

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