STRYPER's MICHAEL SWEET Talks 'Social Media Wars'

July 25, 2019

STRYPER frontman Michael Sweet recently spoke to "The Herman Show" about the lyrical inspiration for "One Sided War", the title track of his 2016 solo album.

He said (hear audio below): "I've been writing songs lately based on the social media wars and words that are exchanged and how people are on social media. Everybody's got a voice. Because everyone has a Twitter account and a Facebook account, everyone feels that they have the right to say whatever they wanna say to anyone.

"We live in a world of spontaneity where someone reads something and then they instantly respond in anger to that person when they don't even know that person; they've never met that person," he continued. "And I'm guilty of it too — I've done it as well. The song 'One Sided War' is about that — when you get into a war with someone and then they continue the war and you wanna make peace and it becomes a one-sided war.

"There's a song called 'You Don't Even Know Me' on 'God Damn Evil', STRYPER's latest album, that's about a very similar subject — the Internet, social media, and you judge me, say these horrible things about me. You go on Blabbermouth, you go on these sites, and there's people just bashing people — just vile, second-grade juvenile stuff. And they don't even know the person. They've never met the person, they've never shared a drink with the person, or food with the person, or conversed with the person. They have no clue who that person is, but they say these horrible things about them. And you don't even know me. That's what that song is about."

Sweet will release his new solo album, "Ten", in September via Rat Pak Records. Guest musicians who appear on the disc include singer Todd La Torre (QUEENSRŸCHE),drummer Will Hunt (EVANESCENCE),bassist John O'Boyle, and guitarists Joel Hoekstra (WHITESNAKE, NIGHT RANGER),Jeff Loomis (ARCH ENEMY, NEVERMORE),Marzi Montazeri (EXHORDER, PHILIP H. ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS),Gus G. (FIREWIND, OZZY OSBOURNE) and Andy James.

"God Damn Evil" was released in April 2018 via Frontiers Music Srl.

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