STYGMA IV Call It Quits

November 25, 2005

Austrian power metallers STYGMA IV have decided to call it a day. The following announcement has been posted on the band's official web site:

"As the prophets sang in the tune 'Fool IV': 'Is this the end of my story or just another painful chapter'...

"All painful chapters in the life of STYGMA IV are gone now.

"Our drummer Herb [Greisberger] has too big problems with his back and is now in the hospital waiting for an operation. We were looking forward to the show in Cologne on Saturday, but we have to cancel this show because of the circumstances.

"We've been together now for 11 years in the same constellation and find no reason to continue our career with a new drummer.

"STYGMA IV left a little trace in the history of metal music but now it's time to finish.

"Music is the biggest part in our lives, and all of you have been part of our lives, too!!!

"For the last time, we want to thank you for your mental support and for buying our products.

"Let's see what the future will bring. For any new projects regarding members of STYGMA IV you will be informed."

STYGMA IV's fifth album, "Hell Within", was released last year via NTS Records.

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