SUICIDE WAR: Two Teaser Tracks Featuring Drums Posted Online

June 25, 2009

SUICIDE WAR, the hardcore/metal/thrash hybrid from New Orleans, Louisiana featuring two members of VALUME NOBFrey Thieler on guitar and Sammy Molina on bass — alongside BLACK LABEL SOCIETY/ex-CROWBAR drummer Craig Nunenmacher and vocalist Ben Falgoust (GOATWHORE, SOILENT GREEN),has posted two teaser tracks featuring guitar, bass and drums on the band's MySpace page.

Craig, Sammy and Frey will enter the studio on Sunday, June 28 in Jackson, Mississippi to record the drums for the remainder of the debut SUICIDE WAR album. Sammy and Thieler will then return to New Orleans to complete the guitar and bass tracks. Ben's vocals will be recorded after he returns home from tour with GOATWHORE in late August and into September.

Commented Thieler: "I cannot explain the intensity and power of what is happening at this moment, but goddamn, is it sick!!!"


Frey Thieler (VALUME NOB) - Guitar
Craig Nunenmacher (BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, ex-CROWBAR) - Drums
Sammy Molina (VALUME NOB) Bass
Ben Falgoust (SOILENT GREEN, GOATWHORE) - Vocals

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