SUN CAGED Cancel Gigs, Continue Search For New Members

June 8, 2004

Dutch progressive metallers SUN CAGED have been forced to cancel their previously scheduled gigs at the Dwergpop festival in Driebergen on July 3 and at the Weistock festival in Lottum on July 18 due to the group's recent lineup changes. Drummer Roel Van Helden, guitarist Marcel Coenen and bassist Rob van der Loo "will play at the Weistock festival doing a KISS tribute gig, [where] they will be assisted by Tim Van Der Loo (brother of Rob) on second guitar and previous SUN CAGED singer Sascha Burchardt (he sings on the 'Dominion' EP)," the band write on their web site.

With regards to SUN CAGED's search for a new singer and keyboardist, the group write: "[We] already had some auditions but haven't found the right people yet. There will be more auditions soon. We are looking for: A singer with a high range, comparable to [previous singer] Andre's voice, he does not have to sound the same as Andre but he should be able to sing the songs from the album in a good way. The band rehearses in The Netherlands (Lottum, in the south, near the German border) so if you think you are the singer for us contact us at: [email protected] Also still wanted a keyboardplayer, you should be technically skilled, be able to play along leads, you should have great sounds and of course you should be able to play the songs from the album in a good and professional way. If you think you are the perfect keyboardplayer for us contact us at the same email address: [email protected]"

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