SYSTEM OF A DOWN's JOHN DOLMAYAN Says 'Black Lives Matter' 'Never Had Legitimacy', Calls Movement A 'Propaganda Tool'

July 7, 2020

SYSTEM OF A DOWN drummer John Dolmayan says that the "Black Lives Matter" movement "never had legitimacy" and was "always a Democratic party fundraiser and propaganda tool."

The "Black Lives Matter" movement was launched in the summer of 2013 by black organizers Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi after George Zimmerman was acquitted of the killing of Trayvon Martin. Following George Floyd's death in Minneapolis, the movement has gained even more attention.

On Monday (July 6),Dolmayan shared a photo of eight-year-old Secoriea Turner, who was fatally shot Saturday in Atlanta not far from a Wendy’s restaurant that has become the site of protests after an Atlanta police officer shot and killed Rayshard Brooks, a black man, there on June 12. Secoriea was killed after what police described as a confrontation between her mother, a friend and a group of armed suspects blocking their way. Since Brooks's death, protesters have occupied the area, at times not allowing people in.

The SYSTEM OF A DOWN drummer wrote in an accompanying message: "The supposed black lives matter movement never had legitimacy in my view and were always a Democratic Party fundraiser and propaganda tool . Along with antifa they have shown themselves to be the enemy of the people of the United States and have adopted lawlessness emboldened by a sensationalist media and the moronic Hollywood elites who pander to them at every opportunity . They will be brought to justice but when? How many more innocents need to be murdered before we come to our senses."

In response to John's post, one fan complained that Dolmayan never speaks up when racial injustice towards blacks occurs, and said that "downplaying systemic racism in the U.S. is playing a dangerous game," to which John replied: "There is no systemic racism in the United States. Name one example"

Dolmayan has praised Donald Trump in recent weeks and has accused Democrats of "demonizing" the president and "blaming him for everything under the sun."

Last month, Dolmayan blasted "cowards" who criticize those who think they are "coming from a morally superior position," saying that they "can't handle free speech" and "need to be herded along with the rest of the sheep."

He also called Democrats "the true bigots" who "fought to maintain slavery" and were "directly responsible for 70 plus million abortions, a large majority of whom were black."

Dolmayan supports Trump's claim that his administration has done more for the African-American community "than any president since Abraham Lincoln."

John's views are in sharp contrast to those of SYSTEM OF A DOWN singer Serj Tankian, who has called for Trump to resign and described him as "completely useless" over his handling of the coronavirus outbreak.

Other members of SYSTEM have also been outspoken in their criticism of the U.S. president, with guitarist Daron Malakian telling The Independent: "[Trump is] not careful with his words, and he doesn't seem to realize that everybody's listening to him. He does things that would have got another president impeached. Because we live in the social media world our attention spans are so small and so brief... that's why Trump works, because he makes himself the biggest conversation, and the biggest news, every day."

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