TED MAUL: 'Forest' Video Available

March 13, 2008

London mentalists TED MAUL have finished work on their promo video for "Forest…With This Memory Of A Free Festival". The clip was shot over the course of a few weeks at various different locations around London — including one which our resourceful Maulers had to break into late at night.

Commented guitarist G-Drax: "Yeah, basically we had no budget for shit like hiring locations, so we snuck into a quarry in the middle of the night to film some of it. We had to cut through a metal fence, then lug our gear pure military style for about half a mile. It looked fucking amazing though, shit was on fire, evil fumes of infection where smothering us, we had all this barren wasteland behind us, and the fact we could have been nicked at any second definitely added a tense vibe."

The video, which features scenes of drug taking, sexy ritual and death, has been instantly banned from several TV stations for its extreme content.

Director Khaled Lowe comments on the process: "We tried to capture the alienation, frustration and absolute dementia conveyed by the lyrics of the song.. Whether we were working in 35-degree heat all squeezed in an attic in north London surrounded by broken glass and loose floorboards (aka deathtraps) or working 'guerrilla'-style with no permit in Hackney industrial estates in the freezing cold at 3 in the morning running off a generator, the band's philosophy and ideology always stayed consistent: give it 100 and fuckin 50 percent. These monsters are capable of bringing not only a smile to your face but a bang to your head, a shock to your brain and the words 'fucking hell"' mouthed out on many occasions... I am absolutely certain that, coupled with the intensity of their live show and the Kerrang 'best unsigned band' prestige, it's really not long before their darkness pervades the ears and souls of listeners worldwide.."

You can watch the video below.

TED MAUL is about to embark on its first full UK tour since the release of "White Label" back in September 2007, opening up for HIMSA and A LIFE ONCE LOST.

You can catch them at the following shows:


March 13 - The Orange Box, Yeovil
March 14 - Barfly, Birmingham
March 15 - Rios, Leeds
March 16 - Corporation, Sheffield
March 17 - Barfly, Glasgow
March 18 - Barfly, Cardiff
March 19 - Underworld, London

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