TED NUGENT Resigns From NRA Board Over 'Scheduling Conflicts'

July 30, 2021

According to Bloomberg, Ted Nugent has resigned from the board of the National Rifle Association (NRA) after 26 years.

Nugent, who joined the board in 1995, is stepping down "due to ongoing schedule conflicts," according to a July 29 e-mail from NRA general counsel John Frazer sent to board members.

Ted's decision to leave the board comes less than a year after he told Newsmax's "The Chris Salcedo Show" that the National Rifle Association was "he most important civil rights organization in the world."

"What is more important in the American Dream right now than the God-given individual right to keep and bear arms to defend yourself from these recidivistic street thugs," Ted said. "So, number one job in America is being a member of the National Rifle Association. It's the most important civil rights organization in the world. What other rights can you possibly hang on to if you don't have the right to defend yourself? Especially when these leftist freaks are engineering recidivism — they're letting the worst dangerous violent criminals out into the streets and then attempting to limit the availability of self-defense tools. I mean, this wouldn't make a 'Twilight Zone' script.

"All I can tell you is the NRA is more important now than ever," he continued. "And when you look at the background of this monster, this traitor in New York — the attorney general, and the mayor, and the governor — they're out to destroy individual freedoms. And who's the biggest fighter for individual freedoms? The National Rifle Association. That's all your need to know."

Earlier in the month, Nugent said that recidivism was to blame for the recent rise in violent crime and gun violence in America. He said: "Bad guys need to be locked up. If they shoot or stab people, I don't care if they even miss, that's a dangerous, vicious, evil act. We don't want people capable of dangerous, vicious, evil acts walking our streets. We want them either dead or in a cage — forever.

"We're living in engineered recidivism," Nugent said, referencing a measure of convicted criminals who commit another offense and re-enter prison. "The failed court system, the crime-celebrating prosecutors and attorneys are engineering recidivism. Ninety-six percent of violent crimes are committed by people that were let out for violent crimes. Here's a little guitar player idea: don't let 'em out.

"There isn't a gun problem in America," Ted added. "There is an intentional engineered recidivism problem in America. You wanna stop ninety-six percent of the violent crimes. Don't let 'em out."

This past March, Nugent threatened President Joe Biden and other Democrats, telling them to "come and take it" just hours before the House of Representatives passed two gun-safety bills.

In a March 11 Facebook post, Nugent addressed Biden and "all you other oath violating traitors," writing, "Google my address and itinerary and Come and Take It!" He also proclaimed, "If you want to play Concorde bridge again, you will be the British and I will be the Americans, again."

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