TED NUGENT Says Facebook Is 'Lying' About The Number Of Followers On His Page

August 23, 2017

Outspoken conservative rocker Ted Nugent claims that Facebook is "lying" about the number of his followers on the popular social media platform, insisting that he has more than seven times the fans than the officially reported figure.

Nugent currently has three million and three hundred thousand Facebook followers — a respectable statistic compared to the number of Facebook fans attracted by most other rock artists.

But the musician, who has been described by some as a right-wing lunatic with a soft spot for conspiracy theories and a knack for off-color humor, believes that Facebook is intentionally underreporting the number of users of the social media juggernaut who regularly flock to his Facebook page.

Speaking to Doug Podell of Detroit's radio station 94.7 WCSX, Nugentsaid (hear audio below): "Right now, Facebook claims that I have three and a half million Facebookers. I've got people deep, deep into government Internet security that admit that Facebook is lying. I have over twenty-five million Facebookers."

Ted illustrated his claim using a specific example. "Last week I posted a meme that just identified something real simple, that there's gonna be a civil war… It was a joke — that somebody is talking about a civil war and one side has eight trillion rounds of ammo and the other side can't choose the proper bathroom," he said. "It's a joke, you goofball! I mean, didn't anybody ever watch Richard Pryor's movies? I mean, c'mon! So people went crazy with that. But I had almost twenty million hits. Now you don't get twenty million hits if you've only got three and a half million followers. Do you hear me? [Laughs] So I've got tens of millions and I thank them all."

Nugent credited his social media etiquette for his high number of Facebook followers, explaining: "I'm not an electronic, technology guy, but every night we have these danger-zone get-togethers backstage, [and] every night people are saying that there's no better Facebook on the planet that is more fun, more involved and where the host of the Facebook comes on and communicates openly and absolutely unguarded than the Ted Nugent Facebook. So I'm real proud of that, because my happiness comes from communicating with people and optimizing the good while we do our best to get rid of the bad and the ugly. And that identifies my Facebook."

Ted went on to call himelf "a communicating maniac. I really believe that open communication is the ultimate system by which people can understand each other, share ideas and experiences," he said.

Nugent made headlines in April when he got to spend some time in the Oval Office with President Donald Trump. Nugent and fellow Detroit-bred musician Kid Rock were joined in the White House by Sarah Palin, the former Alaskan governor and GOP vice presidential nominee, who posted photos of the visit on social media the following morning.

Interview (audio):

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