TED NUGENT Set To Star In Courtroom Drama

March 17, 2005

John S. Hausman of The Muskegon Chronicle is reporting that Ted Nugent is scheduled to appear at the courthouse Friday (March 18) in connection with his breach-of-contract lawsuit against Muskegon Summer Celebration.

On the Friday docket of 14th Circuit Judge Timothy G. Hicks is a pretrial settlement conference for Nugent's lawsuit, and the judge is requiring that the parties to the suit — not just their lawyers — show up. Barring a negotiated settlement before Friday's 11 a.m. conference, that means Nugent must appear in person.

It doesn't necessarily mean a public appearance in court. Such conferences take place behind closed doors in the judge's chambers. Even if a deal is struck, it doesn't have to be put on the record in court unless the two sides wish to do so.

Nugent is suing over the festival's cancellation of his planned June 2003 concert at Muskegon's Heritage Landing, after news reports that Nugent allegedly used derogatory racial words referring to blacks and Asians during a Denver live radio interview.

If the two sides don't settle, the case is set for a jury trial starting Tuesday. In case of trial, Nugent intends to be in court every day, his co-counsel Gary A. Peters said Monday.

Read more at The Muskegon Chronicle.

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