TERSBETONI Frontman Performs At Oulu Ice Hockey Celebration (Video)

May 30, 2011

Jarkko Ahola of the Finnish metal groups TERSBETONI and NORTHERN KINGS sang in front of 20,000 ice hockey fans in Oulu, Finland on May 25. The event honored and celebrated the ice hockey players from Oulu area, who played in the national team which recently won the world championship. The atmosphere was great and the noise reached almost 120dB as the fans cheered their heroes.

Video footage of the celebration can be viewed at the Kaleva,fi web site. (Note: Ahola appears starting at around the 22-minute and 55-minute marks.)

Ahola performed the following songs:

* "Here I Go Again" (WHITESNAKE)
* "Taivas Ly Tulta" (TERSBETONI)
* "I Want It All" (QUEEN)
* "Sankarit" (J. KARJALAINEN)
* "We Are The Champions" (QUEEN)

(Thanks: Melica / Night Elves)

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