TESLA: Audio Samples Of Entire 'Alive In Europe!' Album Available

March 13, 2010

California rockers TESLA will release a new live album, appropriately titled "Alive In Europe!", in Europe on April 23 via Frontiers Records.

The track listing for the effort is as follows:

01. Forever More
02. I Wanna Live
03. Modern Day Cowboy
04. Heaven's Trail
05. What A Shame
06. Shine Away
07. Love Song
08. What You Give
09. The Way It Is
10. Breakin' Fee
11. Hang Tough
12. So What!
13. Signs
14. Lil' Suzie
15. Into The Now

Audio samples of all 15 tracks that appear on the CD can be found at Amazon.co.uk.

In a recent interview with The Breakdown Room's Brian Heaton, TESLA bassist Brian Wheat that the band was working on two separate live albums — the first consisting of live recordings solely from TESLA's shows overseas, and the second featuring songs performed and recorded in the United States.

"I could have just done one big live record, but I wanted the European fans to have their own piece of TESLA," Wheat said. "We completely ignored them from 1991 to 2006, although we go there a lot now. I just wanted to say, 'Hey, look, this one is for you.'"

According to Wheat, "Alive In Europe!" was to be a more "hits-oriented" collection of songs, whereas its U.S. counterpart would likely focus on some of TESLA's more obscure cuts.

"There will be some overlap, but not much," Wheat said. "Americans got the DVD, 'Comin' Atacha Live 2008', and that had a lot of hits. So the American [live album] will have stuff we haven't played in a long time or played ever."

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