TESLA's JEFF KEITH Is Open To Playing Socially Distanced Concerts During Coronavirus Pandemic

May 29, 2020

TESLA singer Jeff Keith says that he is open to the idea of playing socially distanced concerts during the coronavirus pandemic.

More than a week ago, a '"socially distant" concert was held in Fort Smith, Arkansas, with the venue's 1,100-person maximum capacity reduced to 229 seats, fans sitting six feet apart, and all attendees' temperatures being taken prior to entering the venue. In addition, fans were required to wear face masks, and bathrooms were limited to 10 people at a time.

Asked in a new interview with Antihero Magazine if he foresees rock concerts returning in a similar fashion until a vaccine for the novel coronavirus is developed, Keith said: "Well, that's the whole idea. I mean, everybody around the world is trying to piece things together. But actually to have a concert and social distancing, I don't know. That seems like that's going to be a tough challenge. But hey, if they can work something out, where seats are six feet apart or something… I don't know how that's going to work, because forever it's been just everybody just crowded into that club or the arena, whatever it may be. And the vibe is just everybody's together just mixing, sharing, breathing the same air and just on top of each other and just having fun. That's what a live concert is all about. So, they're trying to come up with a lot of different ideas, but I'm hoping they worked something out and I'm hoping that we can find some kind of vaccine to this virus that's literally shut the whole entire world down. And every livelihood now is shut down. So hopefully they're going to figure something out and maybe get a cure for this thing sooner than later so we can get back."

He continued: "I'm in hopes that things will get back to what we're accustomed to, where, as I said, the seats are packed and everybody's just there and having a great time and just forgetting about all our worries and enjoying live music. But to have people in every third seat, I'm not sure how that'll work. But hey, if that's how we got to start out and that's how we've gotta do it, then so be it. But we're all hoping that it gets back to where, as I said, we can just fill the place up and everybody's shoulder to shoulder and have fun — enjoying the music."

TESLA has spent most of the last year touring in support of its latest album, "Shock", which was released in March 2019 via UMe. The follow-up to 2014's "Simplicity" was produced by DEF LEPPARD guitarist Phil Collen.

TESLA released "Five Man London Jam" on March 27 on Blu-ray, 2LP vinyl, CD and digital via Ume. The recording celebrates the 30th anniversary of TESLA's landmark "Five Man Acoustical Jam" album.

TESLA's current lineup includes four of the five original members: Keith, Frank Hannon (guitars),Brian Wheat (bass) and Troy Luccketta (drums). Guitarist Dave Rude joined in 2006 as the replacement for Tommy Skeoch.

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