TESTAMENT's CHUCK BILLY Talks About His 'The Chief' Vaporizer Pen

April 21, 2015

Lord Vaper Pens has released the The Chief Herbal Vaporizer, a collaboration with Chuck Billy, lead singer of the San Francisco Bay Area heavy metal band TESTAMENT. This vaporizer pen is first installment of the Lord Vaper Signature Series.

The Chief Herbal Vaporizer is a 100% custom, non-combustion, convection vape pen for dry grinds complete with custom Indian skull graphics and Native Blood style. The first 1000 kits are signed and numbered by Chuck Billy himself. The kit includes a tote/medicine bag for your vaporizer, or other effects, with The Chief logo printed on both sides.

Speaking to College News, Billy stated about how The Chief Herbal Vaporizer came together: "Adam Black, who owns Lord Vaper, he's been a Bay Area metal fan from the beginning. But he started out in the adult industry back twenty years ago. He's a computer guy, but he moved his company more towards the vaporizer industry. But he approached me and said he was looking to do a vaporizer pen that was more oriented towards the metalheads, you know, 'cause a lot of the vaporizer scene is like Snoop Dog. So, being a metalhead, he asked me if I'd be interested in doing a signature series. We tweaked it, and about six months later, we had it. We've had it about a month and just launched it… The first 1,000, are in some cool black boxes, and I autographed them and all that. The first 1,000 are going to be unique, because after that, we're changing the box."

The Chief is easy to use and very effective. It does not burn your material. Enjoy the pure benefits of active botanical ingredients from within the advanced stainless steel heating chamber which is engineered to provide superior quality vapor without the harmful byproducts of combustion or smoke.

Unlike other more expensive vaporizers, there are no metal bins to remove or lose. Adjust to your preferred temperature setting: 365F, 400F and 430F.

Get yours NOW via USPS or FedEx. The faster you order, the lower the number of the kit you will receive. Every kit is autographed and numbered, so keep the box in a safe place, it has a valuable name on it.

Key Features and Specs:

* 100% Non-Combustion Convection Vaporizer
* Powerful 2200mAh rechargeable unit
* Large stainless steel chamber capacity of .6 grams
* Power button safety feature
* 3 temp settings [Low 365F, Med 400F, and High 430F]
* Low-voltage protection
* 10-minute shutoff protection
* No tanks or coils to break, no bowls to lose
* Heats up within 60 to 90 seconds
* Free domestic shipping in discreet padded box

Chuck Billy is of the Pomo Native Americans, a cancer survivor and has been honored by the California State Assembly as a positive influence on the Native American community.

Chuck and Lord Vaper worked extensively together to bring you the best new vaporizer on the planet.

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