THE 69 EYES To Release 'Devils' In October

May 26, 2004

Finnish goth-metallers THE 69 EYES have inked a deal with EMI/Virgin Records. Although it was announced earlier this year that the band had signed with a major label, the identity of the label was kept secret. However, in last week's interview with Russia's Darkside E-Zine (web site),THE 69 EYES vocalist Jyrki said, "I think we can reveal it, because the single will come out in three weeks. We got signed to EMI/Virgin. It means there's a lot of changes in the making of the record. Our previous label was big in Finland, but now as we're on a major label, it means that new things are coming up."

According to Jyrki, the band are in the middle of recording new CD, entitled "Devils". "We're doing this album with Hiili Hiilesmaa, who you might know from his previous producing works with H.I.M., SENTENCED, MOONSPELL and bands like that," the singer said. "And we're also working again with our special dark force, producer Johnny Lee Michaels, who did our previous two records. It's an interesting combination to use these two best possible persons. We're in half of making the album, and the first single called 'Lost Boys' will come out in a month, in the beginning of June here in Finland, and hopefully later on elsewhere else. And the album will come out in October."

With regards to the new album's musical direction, Jyrki said, "We've been describing the music of the new album as 'skull rock', it's more of a horror punk rock 'n' roll record displaying our biggest influences such as old psychobilly and 1950s rock 'n' roll. They're not displayed musically, but elements of the energy, excitement and attitude are there."

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