THE BRUTALISTS Feat. Former L.A. GUNS, QUIREBOYS Members: Debut Album Due Next Month

July 25, 2018

THE BRUTALISTS are a new rock and roll group featuring founding L.A. GUNS member Mick Cripps and LONDON QUIREBOYS founder Nigel Mogg (nephew of UFO singer Phil Mogg). The group is rounded out by guitarist/vocalist Kent Holmes, bassist Robert Cripps and vocalist/drummer Charlie Nice.

THE BRUTALISTS' music is a mix of their influences — the dirty, leering blues of pub rock and R&B, the urgency of street punk and the synthesized dance ennui of post-punk, seasoned with bits of ska and reggae. They perform regularly in downtown Los Angeles and throughout California.

THE BRUTALISTS signed to Cleopatra Records in November 2017 and will have their self-titled debut album released on August 31. It will be available on both CD and all streaming platforms, and in a special limited-edition vinyl pressing with silk-screened jacket!

Track listing:

01. I Don't Believe A Word
02. Wishing I Was Far Away
03. Form & Function
04. Meet Me Half Way
05. Jungle Nasty
06. Talk Of The Town
07. Look Whatcha Gone And Done
08. Know Your Value
09. Nutter
10. You Got It
11. Enough Of Me (CD only)
12. Drinking Alone (CD only)

THE BRUTALISTS continue their West Coast tour dates through the summer and into the fall. A U.K. tour has been booked for mid-October, with five dates, all support slots, opening for the U.K. band THE DIRTY STRANGERS.

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