THE DEFACED: New Album To Arrive In July

May 6, 2008

THE DEFACED, the Swedish band featuring DARKANE/TERROR 2000 guitarist Klas Ideberg, has issued the following update:

"It's been a long wait but [the new THE DEFACED album] 'Anomaly' is finally on the way to you all. Scarlet Records will release the album in July this year and a very long wait is thankfully over. It's been ups and downs as you know, but we're in it for the ride. Think nothing else of it. We're very pleased to get the album out to you guys and hope that you'll appreciate what we've done on this one.

"You can check out the artwork for 'Anomaly', which was created by Carlos Del Olmo (SOILWORK, CONSTRUCDEAD) [at this location], until we update our official web site. Our webmaster is working on the new design and will up it as soon as it's done."

"Anomaly" track listing:

01. Remaining Eternal
02. Flame to Life
03. Blood of Emeralds
04. In Solitude Entwined
05. The Perfect Shame
06. Circle VIII
07. Renewal Defined
08. Imprisoned Insolence
09. Turn to Incomplete
10. The Fundamental Human Neurosis
11. The Test
Bonus tracks:
12. Exhale
13. The Spirit of Ecstasy

Check out the full-length version of "Blood of Emeralds" and snippets of "Remaining Eternal" and "Flame to Life" at this location.

Regarding the new album's direction, the group previously wrote, "To summarize, I guess you could say that we didn't want to care about what others would say when they heard the final product. We wrote songs as they came along with all the ingredients you would expect from THE DEFACED. 'Anomaly' is more diverse, more dynamic has more grooves, more energy, more melodies, more aggressionjust more of everything. A natural progression from 'Karma in Black'. 'Anomaly' has a range from mellow to fast pounding songs. But hey: Fear not, it's all THE DEFACED."

THE DEFACED's sophomore album, "Karma In Black", was issued in 2003 via Italy's Scarlet Records.

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