THE HAUNTED Frontman Doesn't Rule Out AT THE GATES Reunion

December 22, 2004

THE HAUNTED frontman Peter Dolving recently spoke to the Fourteen G E-zine about the group's new album, "rEVOLVEr", the music business and the possibility of an AT THE GATES reunion (the much-missed pre-THE HAUNTED outfit that is considered to be among Sweden's most influential extreme metal acts). A couple of excerpts from the interview follow:

Fourteen G: When do you think an AT THE GATES reunion will occur?

Peter Dolving: "I think it's not impossible, they were talking about doing something like a one show [gig] in London but it still needs to be worked out. I think the initiative has to come from outside; someone else has to take the initiative for them. It would take a sound financial situation to make it whole!

Fourteen G: Coming from thee latest hotbed of death metal, how is the scene evolving in Sweden?

Peter Dolving: "In a way, it's a really hard question. Musically I think it's getting a lot more technical and for a while there. There were a lot of bands that were being inspired by bands like AT THE GATES and THE HAUNTED and a lot of them were going in that direction of sound or looking for that same kind of energy. But I think finally that it's occurring to a lot of those kids that it's more about trying to find your own expression, you know. The originality level is really going up actually. Getting more weird stuff, I don't know if that's directly better. In the long run, yeah, it's better because it will spur people to do something they might not have done before.

"There are a couple of really cool bands that are coming out right now, like this one called CRANG. Which is like this really technical, straight-edge band actually [Editor's note: CRANG [web site] have since contacted BLABBERMOUTH.NET to point out that they, in fact, are NOT a straight-edge group]. But it's almost likeā€¦I don't know, it's hard to explain but it's really, really good and I enjoy it!"

Read Peter Dolving's entire interview with Fourteen G at this location.

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