THE HAUNTED: Preview Clip From 'Road Kill' DVD Posted Online

May 25, 2010

Swedish metallers THE HAUNTED will release a live DVD/CD, "Road Kill", in North America on June 8 via Century Media. This crushing live release, which was issued in Europe on April 19, will be available as a DVD+CD as well as a stand-alone CD and digital download. The audio-only release contain the full live-show as well as five previously unreleased or rare studio tracks from the "Versus" recording sessions.

According to a press release, "Road Kill" features an in-depth, very unique on-the-road documentary, footage of THE HAUNTED's intense live performance and the band's recent promotional video clips. The live show was captured on February 13, 2009 at Melkweg in Amsterdam, Holland by Fabchannel and its sound was mixed and mastered by THE HAUNTED's longtime producer Tue Madsen (SICK OF IT ALL, DARK TRANQUILLITY, HEAVEN SHALL BURN).

"Road Kill" DVD (128:46 min.) track listing:

* Road Kill – On The Road With The Haunted / Movie (63:52)
* Live at Melkweg – Amsterdam 2009 (40:31)

01. Little Cage (3:22)
02. The Drowning (4:07)
03. The Premonition (0:48)
04. The Flood (3:42)
05. The Medication (4:46)
06. Moronic Colossus (3:38)
07. All Against All (7:32)
08. Trenches (3:33)
09. Faultline (3:35)
10. 99 (5:21)

• Bonus - Official Promo Videos (24:20)

01. All Against All (4:39)
02. No Compromise (3:19)
03. The Flood (3:50)
04. The Drowning (4:17)
05. Moronic Colossus (3:55)
06. Trenches (4:18)

"Road Kill" CD (73:28 min.) track listing:

* Live At Melkweg – Amsterdam 2009:

01. Little Cage (3:05)
02. The Drowning (4:15)
03. Trespass (3:40)
04. The Premonition (0:48)
05. The Flood (3:42)
06. Medication (4:47)
07. Moronic Colossus (3:45)
08. D.O.A. (4:19)
09. All Against All (6:18)
10. In Vein (3:54)
11. Trenches (3:58)
12. Dark Intentions (1:24)
13. Bury Your Dead (3:17)
14. Faultline (3:50)
15. 99 (4:42)
16. Hate Song (3:19)

* Studio Bonus Tracks:

17. Sacrifice (4:44)
18. Meat Wagon (3:05)
19. Walk On Water (3:27)
20. Seize The Day (2:11)
21. Infernalis Mundi (0:44)

The "Faultline" clip, taken from the "Road Kill" DVD, can be viewed below.

"Road Kill" entered the official chart in Sweden at position No. 29 (album chart) and in Finland at No. 3 (Music DVD chart).

THE HAUNTED guitarist Anders Björler, who produced the documentary, commented: "'Road Kill' is 10 years of touring compressed into a 65-minute documentary feature. It's rough, dirty, honest and to the point.

"After working almost two years on and off on this film, I am pleased it will finally see the light of day."

Vocalist Peter Dolving added: "This DVD is a slice of life, a peek into what it's like being on the road with THE HAUNTED.

"Buy it, watch and enjoy. When you are dead and buried you won't be able to, will you?"

A song from the "Road Kill" CD, "Little Cage", is available for streaming on the band's MySpace page.

THE HAUNTED is preparing to hit the road in Europe as the support act for SLAYER. In addition, the group will make several festival appearances this summer.

THE HAUNTED recently signed a new worldwide deal with Century Media Records.

The band's last three albums — "rEVOLVEr", "The Dead Eye" and "Versus" — were released through the German label.

Peter Dolving told the German edition of the Metal Hammer magazine last summer about THE HAUNTED's forthcoming CD, "Looking at the ideas that we're coming up with, looking at the stuff that we're doodling around with, it's gonna be a very heavy and it's gonna be a very strange record. It's gonna be like a continuation of what we started experimenting with both on 'rEVOLVEr' [2004] and on 'The Dead Eye' [2006], so it'll be eclectic and hard. 'Cause around the time of 'The Dead Eye', we felt that we really needed to do something that we hadn't done that we really wanted to do, and we got a lot of critique for it; a lot of people didn't like it. We loved it, and the songs that we're playing off that record are going over really well with the audience and we're really enjoying to play them. So we figure, why the fuck shouldn't we play and continue to try and evolve as musicians and songwriters?! And that's what we'll do."

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