'The Osbournes': Scripted Or Real?

August 14, 2003

Verne Gay of Newsday.com is reporting that "Tuesday's season finale of 'The Osbournes' finally appeared to confirm the charge that has dogged the MTV show since it debuted — that some scenes and dialogue were scripted because, well, no one acts that weird in real life (right?).

"But the operative word is 'appear.' The final scene of Tuesday's show revealed the presence of cue cards and viewers overheard someone (presumably a director) yell, 'cut ... that's a wrap.' In addition, one of the family members says 'it's time to go home again,' which — of course — means they haven't been in their own home all along.

"So have viewers been punk'd? While perhaps only the most gullible viewers never believed MTV intervened in the daily rounds of the Osbourne family (at least while the cameras were rolling),the network has long maintained that fakery was verboten, and — in response to allegations by Jack and Kelly that a couple of scenes were fabricated in the first season — said, 'Nothing is ever scripted or planned on 'The Osbournes.'' " Read more.

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