June 24, 2008

Former MTV VJ and THE PANIC CHANNEL frontman Steve Isaacs has denied that he has been jamming with the remaining members of VELVET REVOLVER as the frontrunner to fill the group's vacant singer slot following the recent departure of Scott Weiland.

During a brand new interview with, VELVET REVOLVER drummer Matt Sorum revealed that the band "tried out a couple of guys," adding, "We have a guy right now that we're still...sort of checking it out, feeling it out, letting him work with us. I'd rather not (say who it is) just because I don't want it to get out that he might be the guy. I mean, we like him, he's awesome."

After Internet speculation started gaining strength that he may be the "guy" Sorum is talking about, Isaacs posted the following message on his official blog:

"I got an odd email congratulating me about singing for the VELVET REVOLVER guys, which took me by surprise 'cause, well I'm not. Apparently this interview with VR's Matt Sorum (who I am lucky enough to play with when CAMP FREDDY comes to town) led the interviewer to suspect that the mystery singer Matt was referring to was me. It's not."

Isaacs appeared as a VJ on MTV for a little under two years, from 1991 to 1993. Following that, he starred in a touring version of THE WHO's "Tommy" and formed a band called SKYCYCLE in 1995.

He joined THE PANIC CHANNEL, featuring three former members of JANE'S ADDICTION, in 2006, but the band was dropped by its label after releasing its debut album, "(ONe)".

Weiland was dismissed in early April, with the band citing erratic behavior as the reason. He is now back with STONE TEMPLE PILOTS.

THE PANIC CHANNEL's video for the song "Why Cry" (featuring Steve Isaacs):

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