THERAPY? Film New Video

August 31, 2004

THERAPY? bassist Michael McKeegan has posted the following message on the group's official web site:

"Well, once you get the music sounding good then the next thing to do is get the record looking good. So in the past couple of weeks we've been concentrating on the visual side of things [for the upcoming album 'Never Apologise Never Explain']. Artwork is done and looks mega...a lot darker than our recent albums but still striking and inventive...knickerlicking good infact!

"We also did our first proper photoshoot as a trio and that turned out really well. We worked with Iona Bateman who did the live stuff on the 'Scopophobia' DVD sleeve and for the session chose a particularly seedy and run down old factory in South London. It used to be some kind of water processing plant and as we trawled down countless flights of stairs the place became danker and more filthy....perfect!

"Spent a whole day there snapping away and the session came out great. Very atmospheric and a bit sleazy if truth be told. Iona's got more details on her site. Check out the journal entries.

"Next up was the video and to keep the continuity we returned to the same factory a week later to shoot it. We wanted to go for an intense 'performance' style video, B+W with lots of grainy contrast. So we hit upon the great idea of performing the song live down in the depths of the factory. Only problem was getting our equipment there which involved a turn of the century pulley system, a 100 metre drop and some rather nervous looking road crew.

"We set up in a tiny cramped, wet, greasy part of the basement...just a drum kit, two amps, one mic and a small vocal PA. Then we proceed to play the guts out of 'Rise Up' about 40 times. The noise was deafening (steel and tiled walls!) and we all still have bruises where we fell or banged into the pipes or each other or the camera people. Editing is being completed this week so I'll let you know how it all turns out."

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