THERAPY? To Begin Recording New Album

May 30, 2004

THERAPY? bassist Michael McKeegan has posted the following message on the group's official web site:

"Folks, It might have looked like we've been quiet for a while but we have actually been busy, busy boys. The UK tour with THE WILDHEARTS was amazing, we had an awesome time and received much, much love from the audiences. Hats off to Ginger and the boys for looking after us so well. Since then we've been holed up in The Hive in Derby rehearsing our pasty asses off. The only break we had was a fun weekend in Hamburg playing at the Turbojugend party which featured a whole weekend of top class chaos. PETER PAN SPEEDROCK, THE ADOLESCENTS and ELECTRIC EEL SHOCK rocked like muthas as did the TURBONEGRO 4-song set in the Grosse Frieheit after our show. We managed to get it together to join them for 'I Got Erection' which made my year. So, back to the album.... at the minute we've got 19 brand new tunes ready to record and the three of us are stoked about them all...I can't ever remember a time when we've been so excited or prepared for a record.

"But hey! You want to know what they sound like, right? As someone who is close to it all, I can only describe the new stuff as a massive leap forward for the THERAPY?'s hard, it's melodic, it's inventive, it's passionate, it's beautiful and it's evil. I was surprised by some of the stuff that this band has come up with...

"The three piece format is working out soooooo well...we have mucho fire in our belly’ is truly a power trio again, Neil's drums sound like a mix between DJ SHADOW and SLAYER, the guitar sounds like an orchestra with elements of KILLING JOKE, HUSKER DU, BLACK FLAG, METALLICA (early) and everything that is great about rock guitar. My bass has taken a more angular 'prowler' approach and is flying the flag for dirty, aggressive, in your face growling, lots of JOY DIVISION, Cliff Burton and drum and bass influences on there. The lyrics are darkly humorous and the melodies will make grown men weep... Andy has excelled himself on these tunes.

"Our next step is to do some 'production rehearsals' with our producer Mr Pete Bartlett (live sound engineer and producer of 'High Anxiety') and then start recording proper the first week in June. If all goes to plan the album should be finished by early July with a view to a release in late September on Spitfire. Hopefully when we're in the studio we'll have more reliable Internet access so the plan is to keep you all updated in the diary section. In the meantime here's a few new song titles.... 'The Third Face', 'This Ship Is Sinking', 'Long Distance', 'I Won't Let You Die Alone', 'Perish The Thought' and 'Walked Through Darkness'.

"So there you go, we're very excited about this next record and hopefully you'll be too. It'll be our 10th album (and certainly not the last!) which I think is going to be a defining one up there with 'Babyteeth', 'Troublegum' and 'Suicide Pact - You First'. Keep tuned friends..."

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