January 20, 2005

Sweden's THERION have made cover versions of METALLICA's "Fight Fire with Fire", JUDAS PRIEST's "Green Manalishi" and THIN LIZZY's "Southbound" available for download via their official web site. Direct links to the downloads as well as comments from frontman Christofer Johnsson follow:

METALLICA - "Fight Fire with Fire" (mp3)

Christofer Johnsson: "Thought we're getting too old to grind, eh? We tuned down the guitars, raised the tempo and kicked some serious ass in the studio. The vocals are done by me in the chorus and by Anders (the bald guy) in the verses. We used to play this song in 1987 when we where called BLITZKRIEG. Recorded and mixed at our own studio Modern Art."

JUDAS PRIEST - "Green Manalishi" (mp3)

Christofer Johnsson: "This is a cover of their cover on FLEETWOOD MAC. One of their best songs that I used to listen to a lot when I was young. We tried to do it close to how their original version sounded on the 'Hell Bent for Leather' album (it later appeared in various live versions on single and maxi B-sides and the 'Unleashed in the East' live album). As we made a cover on their cover, it's no point in experimenting with our version, as then it would not be a JUDAS PRIEST cover, rather a FLEETWOOD MAC cover... Recorded and mixed at our own studio Modern Art."

THIN LIZZY - "Southbound" (mp3)

Christofer Johnsson: "Here we tried to make everything as different from the THERION way as we could. It sounds like a sup-pop band from the 80's or something. We used Sarah to sing here, but let her use the 'normal' voice (not the opera voice). No one would ever guess that this is THERION playing if they didn't know it and that's one of the ideas behind this version. It's fun to try odd things once in a while."

Other THERION cover songs from such artists as ACCEPT, IRON MAIDEN, ABBA, LOUDNESS, SCORPIONS, CELTIC FROST, MANOWAR, RUNNING WILD and VENOM can be downloaded at this location.

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