THERION: Tour Schedules Changes Announced

August 26, 2010

Swedish progressive/experimental metallers THERION have issued the following update:

"The tour schedule has changed: The shows in Caracas (Venezuela),Chihuahua and Puebla (both Mexico) have to be cancelled and the show in Santiago de Chile has moved to the Teatro Caupolican. In Europe there will be an additional show — on the 11th of December THERION will play in Istanbul, at Refresh the Venue (which is really named like that).

"We are very sad to announce that the shows in Chihuahua and Puebla in Mexico have been cancelled. The situation with the drug cartels is becoming worse and worse in the north and the local authorities strongly advise against playing concerts in Chihuahua (and, of course, Monterray which also has been rumored we would be playing),so the national promoter in Mexico has decided to cancel Chihuahua as the safety of the band, crew and fans cannot be guaranteed at this point. The Puebla festival has also been cancelled due to some sort of drug cartel-related civil unrest problems. There seems to be no risk for the remaining shows in Mexico and the band hope that there will be other shows to replace the cancelled ones in other parts of the country.

"Seems like the world is going crazy at the moment, as the Caracas show in Venezuela will be cancelled as well. Local promoter is having economic problems and didn't want to risk fucking everything up from what I've heard. So better to cancel and try to replace it with another show in some other country than to risk standing there with thousands of fans buying tickets and maybe making a long journey from another city just to end up with no show happening.

"We hope we will be able to do Venezuela some time in the future; we were really looking forward to playing there."

Just one day after confirming that he has been tapped by Norwegian symphonic black metallers DIMMU BORGIR to replace bassist/clean vocalist ICS Vortex on the band's upcoming ninth album, "Abrahadabra", and world tour, Swedish multi-instrumentalist Snowy Shaw (real name: Tommie Helgesson; THERION, DREAM EVIL, KING DIAMOND, MERCYFUL FATE, MEMENTO MORI, NOTRE DAME) announced his departure from the group and return to THERION.

Christofer Johnsson, the creative force behind THERION, released the following statement to BLABBERMOUTH.NET:

"We are very happy to announce that Snowy has rejoined THERION. We welcomed him back with open arms, and we will now be making a mix between the new show we had planned, and the last one which involved Snowy. We think the merger between the two concepts will be incredible, and we look forward to taking the band's live performance to the next level."

Shaw has been a member of THERION for four years, two studio albums, live DVDs and numerous tours around the world.

Snowy has written and co-written songs for the forthcoming THERION album, "Sitra Ahra", which is scheduled for release this fall through Nuclear Blast Records.

As a graphic designer and artist, Snowy was hired to oversee the visual aspects and help improve THERION's stage act and performance for the "Gothic Kabbalah" world tour 2007 and the band's 20th-anniversary tour.

"Sitra Ahra" will be released in North America on October 26 via Nuclear Blast Records. The CD was mixed at the legendary Polar Studios in Stockholm by Lennart Östlund (LED ZEPPELIN, ABBA). The cover artwork was created by Thomas Ewerhard, who worked on all of the band's most recent releases in addition to collaborating with EDGUY, AVANTASIA, RAGE and HAMMERFALL, among others.

"Sitra Ahra" was mastered in New York and it features the following track listing:

01. Sitra Ahra
02. Kings Of Edom
03. Unguentum Sabbati
04. Land Of Canaan
05. Hellequin
06. 2012
07. Cu Chulain
08. Kali Yoga III
09. The Shells Are Open
10. Din
11. After The Inquisition: Children

THERION recently recruited Christian Vidal from Argentina as the band's new guitarist.

Vidal made his live debut with THERION on June 4, 2010 in Mexico City.

Christofer Johnsson announced in May 2009 that vocalist Thomas Vikström (ex-CANDLEMASS) had become a permanent member of THERION.

THERION's latest CD/DVD, "The Miskolc Experience", was released in June 2009 via Nuclear Blast Records.

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