THIS IS MENACE Record Radio Sessions For XFM, BBC RADIO 1

May 31, 2005

THIS IS MENACE, the U.K.-based collaborative project spearheaded by PITCHSHIFTER bassist Mark Clayden and drummer Jason Bowld, have just performed live radio sessions for Xfm and BBC Radio 1's "Rock Show".

Jason Bowld says: "The session was awesome and a real buzz because it's the first live taste of MENACE for everyone. It's gonna blow everyone's mind when we take this beast live and show that it's not just a recording project."

The sessions feature the following tracks:

* "Deadman" (featuring Colin Doran from HUNDRED REASONS)
* "Onward Christian Soldiers" (featuring Jeff Walker from CARCASS and Paul MacCallion of HIDING PLACE)
* "Displacement" (featuring Martin Ives from CHARGER)
* "The Nameless" (featuring Paul MacCallion with backing vocals from Jeff Walker)

THIS IS MENACE's debut album, "No End In Sight", was released in April through PITCHSHIFTER frontman J.S. Clayden's PSI Records.

Announced in late 2004 as "leviathonic, guitar driven music," this new venture features a whole host of guest musicians, such as Walker, , Doran, Owen Packard and Karl Middleton of EARTHTONE9, Mikee Goodman of SIKTH, Casey Chaos of AMEN, Andy Cairns from THERAPY?, and Matt Davies of FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND. Lead single, "I Was a Deadman (Long Before I Died)", was issued in January, featuring the vocals of Colin Doran from HUNDRED REASONS, Owen Packard and NAKED APE's Gerald Walton.

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