THY MAJESTIE Completes Work On New Album

April 21, 2008

Italian "symphonic power epic" metal band THY MAJESTIE has issued the following update:

"We are proud to announce that the fourth THY MAJESTIE full-length has been completed. Recording, mixing and mastering are now finally over. We are enthusiastic about the final result. We think (and we don't say that only because it's the usual to say these things after a new album) that this is the best album THY MAJESTIE have ever recorded. Catchy melodies, amazing guitars and keyboards solos (thanks to the guitar hero Simone Campione and the virtuoso Valerio Castorino) and a great, stunning, unbelievable vocal performance by Dario Cascio. 'Dawn' (cover artwork) is ready and will be released by Dark Balance Records in July the 2nd."

Vocalist Dario Cascio previously stated: "The band went through harsh times lately, especially with the loss of Giuseppe Bond on the keyboards, but they say that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and in fact we feel we have grown up a lot through this past year!"

He added, "The songs we chose to include on the forthcoming album are eight bombs. We are terribly excited about them and we're confident that the next one is gonna be the best THY MAJESTIE release so far!"

Check out videos of THY MAJESTIE performing the songs "The Chosen", "The King and the Warrior" and "Echoes of War" at the Fear Dark festivals in Holland in May 2007 at this location.

THY MAJESTIE parted ways with vocalist Dario Grillo last year due to personal differences. "It was a mistake to believe that with Dario Grillo the things might have run easily," the band stated at the time. "We already got it four years ago when there was some communication problem. And so it was after a hard struggle to make his mind up about our gigs in Holland we decided to leave him with his troubles that may have thwarted the smooth running of our work. Good luck to Dario. This time we're sure we won't get any relationship anymore."

THY MAJESTIE's last album, "Jean D'Arc", was released in 2005 via Scarlet Records. The follow-up to 2002's "Hastings 1066" was mastered at The Mastering Room in Sweden by Goran Finnberg.

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