TOOL's April Fool's Prank Has Fans Worried

April 5, 2005

Launch Radio Networks reports: TOOL gave its fans a shock on April Fool's Day when a posting at the band's web site,, reported that singer Maynard James Keenan was not recording with the band because he had "found Jesus." Keenan himself emailed the webmaster of TOOL fan site, saying, "I thought it only fair to inform you first, before you hear it second- or third-hand. Some recent events have led me to the rediscovery of Jesus. TOOL will need to take the back seat. This may come as a shock. I just thought you should know considering all the support you given us over the years."

While most fans took the news as an April Fool's prank, some on various TOOL message boards were honestly worried that Keenan had quit TOOL.

The band is known for posting jokes on its site every year at this time. But it has yet to officially confirm that the Keenan story, which seems like a takeoff on guitarist Brian "Head" Welch's recent decision to leave KORN for the same reason, is actually a fake. TOOL is working on its next album in Los Angeles...we hope.

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