TRACII GUNS' L.A. GUNS To Change Name For Upcoming Album, TV Show

December 29, 2008

A television show based on the Tracii Guns-led version of L.A. GUNS is currently being shopped to different networks. The guitarist stated in an online posting, "Our label paid to have the show made. I saw the first six episodes… fucking hilarious! Once the show is sold, then we find out the air dates, then we start marketing dollars for the release of the [group's new studio] record, so as of now it's a waiting game." He added, "The name of the band will not be L.A. GUNS for this TV show and album, but we will do some nostalgia shows and festivals as L.A. GUNS… basically just having fun and playing tunes."

Tracii Guns' L.A. GUNS is not to be confused with the Phil Lewis-fronted group, which is also continuing to record and perform under the L.A. GUNS moniker.

The band's new album featuring new singer Marty Casey will be released next year via Alexus Records.

Marty Casey is the former contestant on the hit CBS-TV "reality" show "Rock Star: INXS".

Hard Rock Hideout has posted video footage of L.A. GUNS' (the Tracii Guns version) July 20, 2008 concert at Expo Five in Louisville, Kentucky. Watch the clip below.

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