TWISTED SISTER Guitarist Rules Out Possibility Of New Studio Album

March 21, 2006

TWISTED SISTER's official web site has been updated with a brand-new interview with the group's guitarist, Jay Jay French. A few excerpts from the chat follow:

On the possibility of releasing a new TWISTED SISTER studio album:

Jay Jay: "That'll never happen because Dee [Snider, vocals] doesn't write and it's just not going to happen, it's just not. Many things can be left to conjecture, and an album of new TWISTED material is not happening."

Q: What about the rumors that there may be something in the works....

Jay Jay: "Let me address those rumors like I address every rumor. Idle speculation that exists in dressing rooms is nothing more than idle speculation that exists in dressing room. Everyone says, 'I'd like to this, I'd like to do that.' But you try to turn idle speculation into something tangible, and you'd have to move mountains to do it. Until I see a mountain being partially constructed, it's simply idle speculation in a dressing room. That's it. And until such time as it is not.... Well, otherwise the fans sit there going, 'Well, man, you said this and how come it's not like this, and you said that'...I mean who needs that pressure? I don't need that pressure. What we do know is this: Dee has said that he doesn't want to do this any more. Clearly, absolutely clearly. He's done. Which means every show that he agrees to do, it's a fight to get him to do it. That's a reality; that's the truth. I would stop playing tomorrow if my [management company] artists' responsibilities became too much to handle. This is a very tough thing to continue. Mark, Eddie and AJ would play forever, that's what they love to do. Those are the hard truths we have to face in this band. So if everyone wants to speculate, 'Well, how come they don't want to last another 40 years,' understand, three of the guys would absolutely love to do it completely, just play forever if possible. Dee absolutely just does not want to do another show, so every show he agrees to is a tough sell. He'll do it, and what his reasons are for doing it you'd have to ask him. He's come mentally to the conclusion that he's done. And I do it because it's fun, but I wouldn't do it if I was traveling all the time looking after other artists. Remember, I not only have managed TWISTED SISTER for the better part of 30 years but I also managed SEVENDUST and made them huge. I really enjoy all the behind-the-scenes stuff. And I currently look after 8 other artists with my partner Sean Sullivan."

On TWISTED SISTER being in "wind-down" mode:

Jay Jay: "It's impossible to determine what the final date will be because I'm torn between announcing a final date and never announcing a final date. Maybe not playing for a year or two years, then if someone says do you want to do a show, and then we can do it and not feel embarrassed about coming back after you've announced a final date. It's embarrassing, some bands have done a hundred final shows. We've talked about that idea. Some people want to say here's the last show. I'm of the mind of …don't say it. Just play a show and if it's your last show, it's your last show. I don't think we're going to know the last show. I think we're going to play a show, and it's going to wind up having been…the last show! Many years after the show is over we're going to go back and look at and go…wow…that was our last show! . . . I'm saying that because I'd rather never play again and not announce it, then play again after announcing that we are never going to play again. We tell people this year looks like that's it, and really it does look like it's it because every gig's a fight. And if we only play one show in America this year it's very indicative of where the band is at which is, forget the U.S. Except under the most unusual circumstance, I think you can forget the United States. This is not to sound melodramatic, I think you can just forget it."

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