July 3, 2003

Dan Lorenzo of Steppin' Out spoke to TWISTED SISTER's Dee Snider about the change in the group's musical direction following the multi-platinum success of their 1984 "Stay Hungry" CD. "After 'Stay Hungry' I remember saying 'Shit. I've got a million dollar house, five cars, two boats, fame, fortune, everybody loves me. I want to keep this going'," Dee said. "And then the biggest mistake you can make [is to say], 'All right, what did I do to get here?' What got you there, was the genuineness, and the heartfeltness of what you were doing. I remember sitting poolside at my house trying to write lyrics of teen angst and feeling nothing."

Dee, who had just returned from a USO tour in South Korea with TWISTED SISTER, also offered his opinion on George Bush's "pre-emptive" strike theory. "I'm a moderate, but I lean a little to the harder side," Snider said. "They were fucking with us. It always happens, even to me, the little guy thinks they can fuck with the big guy, and then when the big guy smokes him, everybody turns to the big guy and goes 'Bully!' 'What do you mean bully? He was poking me and nudging me and he deserves it.' 'Yeah, but you're bigger than him and you're a bully.' 'Hey, man then don't poke at us.' Did they find the stuff they were looking for? No. Was he itching for a fight? Yes. Did it send a message to the other axis of evil members? They told me when I was in South Korea that on the DMZ line the North Koreans were incredibly hostile and now they've chilled. Am I a warmonger? No." Read the whole interview here.

TWISTED SISTER are playing New Jersey's two most family-friendly venues — the Meadowlands State Fair and Six Flags Great Adventure — tonight (July 3) and Saturday (July 5). The only other U.S. dates scheduled are July 18-19 in Wisconsin, although a fall headlining tour is possible.

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