Two Men Who Stole Phones From SLIPKNOT Fans In Manchester Sentenced To Prison Terms

February 20, 2020

According to Manchester Evening News, two men will serve prison time for stealing dozens of phones from SLIPKNOT fans at the band's concert in Manchester, England last month.

Mihaita Marius Caban, 34, and Marius Patriche, 33, targeted people at the January 16 gig at Manchester Arena as they created giant mosh pits where many fans were swept up with the crowd.

Caban was found to have 14 phones hidden in a swimming costume he was wearing underneath his clothes, while Patriche was in possession of a suitcase containing 10 mobile phones.

Investigating officer DC Marcus Haigh said: "Thanks to the keen eyes of security staff at the Arena who detained Caban, officers were able to arrest him.

"Tracking devices on the stolen phones led officers to Patriche who admitted he had attended the concert intent on a crime spree, removing victims' phones from their pockets as they were jumping up and down to the music.

"Thieves like Caban and Patriche are drawn to busy environments, not just concerts but train stations and anywhere where their victims may be temporarily distracted.

"We advise people to stay vigilant in these situations and to keep an eye on their belongings at all times making sure they are safe and secure and where possible, out of sight.

"We use variety of tactics to deter organized crime gangs from targeting events like these and share information with other agencies in the U.K. and abroad in a bid to apprehend those responsible."

Caban was sentenced to four months in jail while Patriche got eight weeks. Both men pleaded guilty to theft charges and were ordered to pay £122 victim surcharge.

Concert-goers from Glasgow, Newcastle and Sheffield have also reportedly fallen victim to pickpocketing during SLIPKNOT's recent U.K. tour.

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